For civilians, the presidential election is more than a month away, but for servicemembers overseas or away from their home state, the process has already begun, and its pace is beginning to pick up. Figures from the United States Postal Service indicate there were more than 5,550 absentee ballots sent to soldiers and their families in September, a marked increase compared to the same month two years ago, according to Navy Times.

The results are somewhat of a mixed bag, however. While there is an increase compared to the 2010 midterm elections, in some states there has been a significant decrease compared to the 2008 presidential elections. Despite the lower numbers, government officials are still confident the figures will be similar to 2008.

"I would note that more service members received their ballots earlier this year than in 2008 because of the MOVE Act’s 45-day requirement and the increased use of electronic mail delivery," Eric Eversole, executive director of the Military Voter Protection Project told the publication."In other words, we should see an increase in ballots being returned earlier in the election window."

There is still time for troops to request absentee ballots, and resources to help them do so. The Federal Voting Assistance Voting Program is the ideal place for vets serving overseas.