The recent economic struggles are well-documented, and military families have been some of the hardest hit by sluggish job growth. As thousands of servicemembers are set to return home from Afghanistan, the importance of finding work will be thrust into the spotlight. To help, the Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) recently launched an online resource to help job seekers find the position that is best for them.

The AFBA Career Center is free for both members and non-members of the association alike, and can be a valuable tool for people looking to find work after separating from the military. It gives job seekers the opportunity to post their resume for employers to peruse and also lets servicemembers look over numerous job listings that match their qualifications. Additionally, it comes complete with a tool that provides email notifications when certain jobs open up.

"We're very excited about the AFBA Career Center, because we know how critical it is for employers looking for those transitioning out of the military to attract first-rate talent with a minimum expenditure of time and resources," said General Ralph E. Eberhart, Chairman and President for AFBA. "And it's important for us help enable smooth career transitions for those seeking their next job."

Finding work for troops after they leave the military is one of the most significant issues facing the Armed Forces today. In May, the unemployment rate among veterans who have left the military since 2001 jumped to 12.7 percent, up 3.5 points from the previous month, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The issue has not been overlooked by the Obama administration. To supplement initiatives such as the AFBA Career Center, the White House has also introduced several programs aimed at making it easier for soldiers to find employment once they have left active duty.

Obama announced on Friday that he was encouraging Congress to act on several new initiatives put forth to curb veterans' unemployment, Army Times reports. He highlighted one program aimed at providing servicemembers with the civilian certification necessary to earn jobs in the manufacturing fields.

Last week's announcement joins several other initiatives with similar goals. In particular, the VOW to Hire Heroes Act passed last year included a number of provisions aimed at reducing unemployment, such as improving transition assistance and expanding training opportunities.