In the midst of his most recent visit to the U.S., Prince Harry has taken a much more somber approach than he did during his previous trips overseas. Harry, an Afghanistan vet himself, made a point to tour Arlington National Cemetery and lay a wreath on one of the graves of his fellow servicemembers who spent time in the combat zone, USA Today reports.

Prince Harry is a captain in the British Army and spent time in Afghanistan as a helicopter pilot. During his tour of Washington, D.C., Senator John McCain lauded the 28-year-old royal's time working toward the common goal of his comrades in the U.S. The Arizona senator also praised Harry's passion for eradicating land mines, a cause that was important to his late mother – Princess Diana. Earlier in his visit, Harry also joined first lady Michelle Obama as she hosted an event for mothers in the military.

"We are absolutely thrilled that he could be with us today," Mrs. Obama told those in attendance, as quoted by ABC News. "He wanted to be here to personally thank you for your service."

After laying a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Harry's tour of Washington, D.C., will conclude with a visit to injured troops at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.