Army Sgts. John Russell and Brian Williams are used to tending to the wounded. The two soldiers spent time serving in Afghanistan and had to help their fellow servicemembers survive gunshots and injuries sustained from roadside bombs. Though it's been years since they were in the battlefield, they recently put their training to work in Washington, D.C., by leaping into action to treat a man injured when he was hit by a Metrobus, The Washington Post reported.

Russell and Williams were jogging when they heard the thud of the collision and wasted to time in helping out. Using t-shirts from bystanders, they stemmed the blood coming from the victim's broken leg and also tended to his head wound. They also worked to keep the man talking and conscious until the paramedics were able to arrive on scene. It wasn't difficult for the men to snap back into combat mode.

"At that point, it became only about getting the guy treated," Russell told the newspaper. "It was a stroke of luck."

The incident is still under review, but local first responders and D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe praised the actions of the two men, according to The Associated Press.