Veterans and their families may have been concerned about whether they would see a cost of living adjustment (COLA) this year, but a recent move by Congress put it one step closer to approving the common benefit. Lawmakers removed a hold on the vote earlier this week and are set to vote on the COLA once Senate reconvenes after the election, reports

Voting on the bill was being prevented by a method known as a secret hold, when one Senator takes hold of the legislation for a couple of days before passing it on to another. Sen. Patty Murray, who introduced the COLA bill last week, said she was shocked anybody would even hesitate to vote for the law. However, it appears that the bill will make it through after all.

"I don't know of any secret holds," Michael Brumas, the spokesperson for Sen. Mitch McConnell, told the website. "This was a late request and by the time the Senate adjourned not all 100 senators had had a chance to sign off on it. But as I said, it's now been cleared by both sides for action."

The obstacles in the path of the COLA bill are unusual, according to The Washington Post. The adjustment is applied to benefits and disability compensation. If the bill isn't passed it could cost vets and their families $500.