Jeopardy may be America's favorite quiz show, but it recently took a trip overseas. Alex Trebek and the rest of his crew flew to Wiesbaden, Germany, to pay a visit to American troops while also looking for potential contestants for a special July 4 show dedicated to the troops.

The event was held at the city's Lucius D. Clay Kaserne military complex, where servicemembers were given the opportunity to audition for the summer show after meeting the venerable game show host. Despite being a native of Canada, Trebek has been an ardent supporter of the U.S. troops and frequently makes trips overseas to pay tribute to their service.

"This is my 13th USO trip to various bases around the world. We want to let military families overseas know they are not forgotten," Trebek said. "I've always had a soft spot for the military. They're friendly and have a sense of honor and duty to country. This is just letting the military know we appreciate what they're doing."

The stop was the final leg in a European trip that also brought Trebek to bases in Aviano, Naples, and Ramstein, and provided the Jeopardy crew with a number of contestants who may make their way to the final qualification round.