The Army often is recognized for the skill and bravery of its soldiers, but the branch recently earned praise for something else – its research capabilities. The Army was named one of the world's most innovative research organizations in the world after nabbing more than 300 patents over the course of a three-year period, according to the Army's official website. 

The award comes from Thomson Reuters, who recognized the branch for its performance in both influence and success. Perhaps most impressive was the wide variety of innovation the Army made. Its portfolio includes everything from new training software to robots that are used to dispose of deadly explosives. Its research also helped create a vaccine meant to guard against the Ebola virus.

"This illustrates how we attack many Army-unique problems, yet also contribute in wide-ranging areas," Dale A. Ormond, director of the Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, told the news source. "Our portfolio was heavy in weapons, ammunition and blasting, but also pharmaceutical products, polymers and computing."

Last year wasn't the only good period for the Army's latest inventions. In 2011, the branch unveiled a number of impressive innovations including a new brand of helmet sensors meant to improve treatment of traumatic brain injuries.