Days after his wife paid tribute to military families by publishing a book, Vice President Joe Biden did the same at a Virginia Beach high school. Biden gave the commencement address at Tallwood High School's graduation, where nearly 40 students are planning to enlist, according to American Forces Press Service.

Biden's comments at the school echo the feelings of gratitude expressed by millions of Americans for the troops over the last decade. More than 2.8 million people have joined the military since 9/11, and Biden recognized that Virginia Beach has been home to many of them.

"It's great to be in a town that has such respect for our military and such great tradition, and such a wonderful group of graduates," Biden told those in attendance.

Biden also highlighted the importance of military families, something he knows a lot about. His oldest son, Beau, served in Iraq with the Delaware National Guard.

Both Joe and Jill Biden's support for military families is in line with the Joining Forces initiative, which was founded to raise support and awareness of their struggles.