The Texas-based company Olaeris unveiled its latest advancement on Tuesday, and it could change the way first responders do their job. Developers released a vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial system (UAS) that has the potential to be a game-changer for firefighters, police and other emergency workers.

The unmanned plane is called AEVA and is outfitted with a number of impressive features to aid in the response to domestic emergencies. Specifically, it comes equipped with artificial intelligence that helps it avoid obstacles and other aircrafts. Developers hope it will allow first responders to assess an emergency before arriving on scene, giving them the chance to be better prepared.

"Emergency responders need UAS technology but they want domesticated solutions that address their unique problems, not military spy planes designed for a battlefield," said Ted Lindsley, CEO of Olaeris. "AEVA is a practical, affordable tool that will save lives and protect property without encroaching on the public's privacy and surveillance concerns."

The drone is the culmination of about three years of development, company officials say. Still, its nationwide implementation could be far off because Olaeris needs to develop a schedule to meet increasing demand.