Financial worries can cause a great deal of stress for soldiers and their families, and that is especially true when they are deployed overseas. In an effort to limit any significant concerns, the Department of Defense has launched a campaign aimed at helping military families maintain their financial security.

The effort is being championed by Barbara Thompson, the director of the DoD's Office of Family Policy/Children and Youth. She points to a number of common sense steps military families can take to ensure their finances are taken care of during deployment, including having ample savings and limiting any debt they carry. Furthermore, she says it's a good idea for military families to meet with financial planners to help address their individual situations. She says being more secure about money matters can help soldiers serve better.

"When people are worried about their financial situations or worried about their families at home, they're not focused on their mission, so that impacts readiness," she said, adding that some soldiers have lost their security clearances due to financial problems.

Financial planning is especially important given that it can be difficult for military spouses who frequently move to find a job. According to CNN, approximately 35 percent of spouses work in a field that requires state licensing, and their unemployment rate stands much higher than the national average.