The results of Super Bowl LIII, which saw the New England Patriots win their sixth title overall and their third in just the last five years, left some football fans overjoyed and others highly annoyed. But there was one group of patriots celebrated at this year's Super Bowl that everyone should be able to appreciate, regardless of their team loyalties.

During the big game, Verizon debuted another entry in its "The Team That Wouldn't Be Here" ad campaign, titled "The Coach That Wouldn't Be Here: Anthony Lynn." The 60-second spot, which reportedly cost over $10 million to air, features Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn speaking to a group of first responders and telling them the story of the time his own life was saved by police officers and paramedics who came to his aid after a "horrible" car accident.

In the video, Lynn describes how in 2005 he was struck by a car traveling at 50 mph. He credited the first responders who came to the scene of the accident with saving his life.

At one point, three of the first responders in the crowd identified themselves as the individuals who had first arrived at the scene of Lynn's accident, causing him to become visibly emotional. With tears in his eyes, Lynn embraced the first responders and thanked them for being his guardian angels.

"The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.""The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."

Company also funding new public safety tech

According to Verizon, over 40 million people in America wouldn't be alive today if not for the efforts of a first responder.

To show its gratitude, the cell phone service provider pledged to support first responders in a variety of ways, including through the website Verizon asked users to visit the website, promising that for every share of the content, the company would donate $1, up to $1.5 million, to First Responders Outreach.

Verizon also offered a special discount available only to first responders, which included lower prices for one of its service plans, as well as a $100 prepaid card per new phone line for those who switched, bought or activated a new smartphone.

The most notable commitment, though, is Verizon's 5G First Responder Lab, a "first-of-its-kind innovation incubator" that will provide first responder technology companies with access to 5G technology they can use to develop, test and refine 5G solutions for public safety. On March 6, 2019, Verizon announced the five participating companies for the first cohort of the 5G First Responder Lab: Adcor Magnetic Systems, Aerial Applications, Blueforce Development, Kiana Analytics and Qwake Technologies.

"5G is transformative and will bring new possibilities in technology," said Nick Nilan, director of public sector product development for Verizon. "The companies chosen for the 5G First Responder Lab could bring unseen, potentially life-saving innovations to public safety."

Located in Verizon's 5G DC Lab at Alley in Washington DC, the 5G First Responder Lab will ultimately bring together a total of 15 innovators in three separate cohorts over the course of one year, with the goal of developing public safety solutions. Each three-month cohort will allow five first responder technology developers to have access to the lab and its 5G network to assist them in their mission.