Amid the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Auroa, Colorado, that killed 12 and wounded dozens more, a picture is beginning to emerge of the valiant work done by first responders in the small Denver suburb. Officials have praised the quick work of emergency personnel that likely helped save lives, USA Today reports.

The first  911 calls came from Century 16 about 20 minutes into the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises, and police were on the scene within 90 seconds. Not long after they had detained suspected shooter James Holmes had they begun to treat the wounded. Everyone from President Barack Obama to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has heaped praise upon the police force.

"It could have been far worse," Hickenlooper told reporters. "The work of law enforcement agencies…has been exceptional."

The response did not go unnoticed by victims, many of whom were transported to the hospital by police officers rather than ambulances.

The first responders' poise was revealed in recently-released audio recordings showing the well-organized communication between dispatchers, law enforcement and emergency personnel, the Los Angeles Times reports.