Military spouses may not have had the opportunity to continue their education, as some may have had to move soon after graduating high school. However, there are plenty of opportunities for significant others of servicemembers to go back to school.

Various institutions provide assistance to military spouses who are looking for a program that fits their schedule, and the government has stepped in with the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA), which helps provide tuition. The Associated Press reports more for-profit schools are actively recruiting military spouses since their tuition is paid for by the Pentagon.

Government officials are worried that the Department of Defense is not doing enough to oversee MyCAA, as more than 60 percent of the allocated money has gone to for-profit schools. The news provider reports only 38 percent of money allocated in the GI Bill has gone to for-profit schools.

However, it may be a good idea for military spouses to look into continuing their education, as Policy Mic reports they have more than triple the U.S.'s overall unemployment rate. Going back to school could make military spouses more desirable job candidates.