A group of airmen who recently deployed to Afghanistan are certainly used to heading into danger. The four servicemembers, who are part of the New York Air National Guard, are all firefighters when they're not deployed overseas, according to Air Force News.

Capt. Shaun Cullen, Capt. Tripp Zanetis, Tech. Sgt. Erick Pound and Tech. Sgt. Jim Denniston recently arrived at Afghanistan's Camp Bastion, and their duties somewhat resemble their jobs in civilian life. They are all members of the 101st Rescue Squadron, which means they are called on to assist in medical evacuations or personnel recovery missions. Though they all serve at different firehouses, they felt a common bond almost immediately.

"From day one we gelled," Denniston told the news source. "There's something different about firefighters. You can walk into any given situation when you're called up (on active duty) and meet another airman that you have never seen a day in your life and within minutes can say, 'What ladder are you on? What department?'"

Denniston and his three fellow firefighters highlight the indelible link between the Armed Forces and first responders. The two often work side by side on the home front, something which was on display earlier this year when the National Guard played a vital role in the response to Hurricane Sandy.