Servicemembers face many risky situations overseas, but it seems as though risk is something they fear when they head back home.

CNBC reports one of the biggest problems veterans have with their finances is their fear of risk. While some servicemembers may spend some of their savings too easily, they may also struggle with taking ordinary investment risks that are meant to help them grow their assets.

The news provider points to a study that observed veterans' investing habits and found that combat could have something to do with avoiding higher risk equities.

"Given [that] portfolio choices of stock historically have been critical to economic advancement and wealth-building, combat could influence veteran preferences for financial risk-taking in a sub-optimal manner," the report said, according to the news provider.

Servicemembers who are thinking about retirement will want to plan well in advance. According to, the Armed Forces is working to ensure that servicemembers are setting financial goals early in life so they can build up a retirement portfolio and not have to worry about working longer than they wish to.