After serving our country, some veterans come home with few options. Veteran homelessness continues to plague the nation, and the District of Columbia is stepping up to do something about it.

WTOP reports dozens of homeless veterans will be fast-tracked to have a roof over their heads as part of a D.C. Housing Authority event. The authority has not received vouchers for non-veterans in about seven years.

Most recently, the program received $1.5 million in funding to add 150 new participants, bringing the total number of veterans and their families being helped to 744.

The Washington Post reports as part of the program veterans were matched up with pre-screened landlords on-site, and some have already been handed keys to their new homes.

"They receive a voucher, with a voucher they can go anywhere they want and rent an apartment," Dena Michaelson, a spokeswoman at the Housing Authority, told the news provider. "Many of these folks, since they have had issues, and have been homeless, their income is zero, so it's totally subsidized."