Defense spending has been a point of contention for many legislators in Washington, but a recent survey clearly shows how Americans feel about the issue. A poll of 665 adults found 76 percent of them are in favor of cuts to defense spending, according to Military Times.

The study, conducted by the Program for Public Consultation, the Center for Public Integrity and the Stimson Center, revealed what specifically the general public feels should be cut. Most interestingly, they feel the military pay raises should be left in place, but think there should be an increase in TRICARE and pharmacy fees.

The reason for the overwhelming call for defense cuts has less to do with taking money away from the military and more to do with reducing waste, researchers say. Specifically, they said many respondents believe a large portion of the money in the budget is not going to good use.

Lawmakers have been looking for any place to cut costs from the Pentagon budget. Most recently it was revealed the Army would be ending its sponsorship with NASCAR, and another similar measure may be on the way. Lawmakers are looking toward the Pentagon's sponsorship of mixed martial arts as well, Reuters reports.