Servicemembers are some of the most athletic and in-shape people in the United States, and one Marine is getting ready to show just how true that is. Staff Sgt. Derek Dowell is going to run the Southern Odyssey Relay in Georgia, which starts on October 11. The nearly 200 mile race is usually completed by teams of 12, but Dowell is doing the entire length of the course by himself, according to Military Times.

Dowell is running for a number of reasons, not the least of which is raising money for his fellow soldiers. He set out to raise about $5,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project, and he was about halfway there earlier this month. His training regimen for the race is certainly impressive, and is unlike even the most dedicated runners.

"I also like to run back-to-back races to get used to running when I'm depleted," he told the publication. "I've done two marathons in one week, and this summer I ran Leadville on a Sunday then six days later I was in Beaufort, S.C., for a 50-miler."

Dowell picked a worthwhile cause to run for. The Wounded Warrior Project is not only meant to raise awareness of the challenges of injured troops, but also to provide resources for vets to assist each other.