The Oct. 3, 2009 Battle of Kamdesh at Combat Outpost Keating was one of the fiercest of the War in Afghanistan. Around 300 Taliban fighters assaulted American troops, which resulted in the deaths of eight servicemembers and left 22 wounded. The heroics of those stationed at COP Keating have resulted in two servicemember​s being decorated with the Medal of Honor. One of the two men, Spc. Ty Carter, recently began receiving treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, according to Soldiers Live.

Carter was among the group of soldiers who suffered the most significant casualties during the battle. He was trapped in a Humvee with several other soldiers, three of whom were killed. It was there that Carter earned his Medal of Honor, braving enemy fire to rescue wounded soldiers. Upon returning stateside, Carter couldn't sleep and began having nightmares, and that's when now-retired 1st Sgt. Jonathan Hill urged him to seek help.

"I stood in front of my platoon and I said, 'If you're not getting the help that you need, that you know you need, you're wrong," Hill told the news source. "I want everyone to take a moment of their time and go at least talk to one behavioral health specialist or the chaplain or somebody to make sure that you're ready to continue the fight.'"

Hill's actions fall in line with a growing effort to reduce the stigma often attached to PTSD. In fact, there are an estimated 100 programs operated by the Department of Defense with that in mind.