Arlington National Cemetery is the final resting place of more than 400,000 people, and navigating the expansive grounds can be difficult for the loved ones of the troops buried there. However, the cemetery unveiled a new mobile app on Monday that provides users with access to an enormous database of all the grave sites, according to The Associated Press.

The final product is the result of two years of work and comes after officials moved to transition from paper to electronic records. The app also comes equipped with an interactive map, which allows users to search by name. Doing so not only provides them with the location of the headstone, but also provides details including the dates of the deceased's birth and death. Even for people who do not have a loved one buried there, the app provides details on some of the more famous graves.

"This is a great day for veterans and our families," Kathryn Condon, executive director of the Army National Military Cemeteries, told The Associated Press.

The development of the app seeks to quell recent criticism over the mishandling of records and unmarked graves that made it difficult for family members to visit relatives, noted NPR.