This fall Park University in Missouri will kick off the Bachelor of Science in Military History degree program, focusing on "cultural, theoretical, historical, economic and scientific" perspectives of military history. The university recently announced that the degree will be available on-campus or online for veterans and military members stationed domestically or abroad. A combination of liberal arts education and an in-depth history of military events will round out the program's offerings and requirements. 

The University hopes that this degree will enhance the career path of existing military members. 

"Park University has endeavored to serve its military students, both active military and veterans, by providing degree programs that fit their goals and needs regardless of the students' location," Debra Sheffer, Ph.D., associate professor and program coordinator of history, noted in a news release. 

Topics that the major may cover include the history of warfare, philosophy and theory, major wars and battles, science and technology, and the relationship between war and culture. Park University has been ranked one of the top 20 military-friendly schools in the nation, with multiple locations – including some on military bases – and flexible scheduling and start dates. These factors are key for those hoping to pursue additional education in their life after service. 

Courses slated be offered while pursuing this degree include separate classes on each of the World Wars, as well seminars on U.S. military history and foreign policy. There is also the potential to choose different modules that would specialize the degree to a student's specific interests. The modules may include naval, air or land warfare. By the end of the program, successful students are meant to build a solid foundation in research, communication and writing skills.