In the wake of a Supreme Court decision striking down a law that made it a crime to lie about receiving military medals, the Pentagon is considering creating a database to reduce the number of spurious claims. The move comes after years of  opposition to such an idea, Military Times reports.

The first step in the process is to conduct a study to determine whether creating such a database is even feasible. The last time the idea was floated, researchers cited privacy concerns and missing gaps in data as potential roadblocks. However, the Supreme Court suggested the Department of Defense consider it once again.

Despite the court striking down the law on the basis that it violated free speech, some lawmakers have introduced different legislation that would impose criminal penalties for people who falsely claim to be recipients of medals.

"Profiting from the misrepresentation of military service or the award of a decoration or medal for personal gain undermines the value of service and is offensive to all who have stepped forward to serve our country in uniform," Sen. Jim Webb said of his new proposal, according to the publication.

The move has been lauded by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, who were unhappy with the Supreme Court decision in June, the Associated Press reports.