Mobile apps have made life easier for servicemembers, and now a new program is aimed at helping military families. A new app known as LifeArmor was developed by Department of Defense and offers families a free resource for addressing common mental health issues.

Military families can use LifeArmor chiefly as a reference. The application brings information from a number of different websites right to the smartphone. Modeled after the website, the program covers many different topics and offers everything from videos to personal stories and assessments that can be performed in the home.

"The success of our website naturally led us to this app which makes sense for a very mobile military population," said psychologist Dr. Robert Ciulla. "Although the public can benefit from these applications, we had the needs of the military community in mind when developing this app."

The app includes many different topics that are important to military families. Users can look up information on issues such as anger, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse and mild traumatic brain injury.

The development of LifeArmor comes just days after President Barack Obama outlined improvements to the Transition Assistance Program to help veterans return to civilian life more smoothly.