A pair of Army soldiers who served in Afghanistan were recently honored for their bravery overseas. Spc. Jeffrey Conn and Spc. Craig Middleton each were given the Silver Star for their actions in two remote Afghan provinces, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports.

Conn and Middleton were honored during a ceremony at Hawaii's Schofield Barracks, and the commendation was certainly well earned. Conn was given the Silver Star for his actions during an intense nine-day battle in October 2011. Conn, a medic, regularly braved enemy fire and suicide bombers to help treat wounded soldiers, all while defending his mountain outpost.

As for Middleton, he was part of a reconnaissance mission that was hit by three enemy rocket-propelled grenades. Despite being shot, Middleton applied tourniquets to injured soldiers in between fighting back against their attackers. The soldier's commander highlighted the extreme difficulty of their time in Afghanistan, according to the newspaper.

"For those of you who don't know, this brigade spent an entire year fighting an elusive and ruthless enemy in the toughest terrain and weather that any American soldier has ever experienced," Maj. Gen. Kurt Fuller told the crowd.

The Silver Star is the third highest military decoration (behind the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross) and is given to soldiers who distinguish themselves through extraordinary heroism.