A historic Army unit will receive its last hurrah this week when the team's servicemembers return home from their final deployment. The Associated Press reported that the Band of Brothers, a combat team composed of 140 servicemembers, will return Oct. 23 to Fort Campbell Army Base in Kentucky after six months serving in Afghanistan.

According to the news source, the Army is planning to discontinue the storied unit, along with nine other combat teams, due to the increasing number of defense budget cuts. While the government shutdown has sped up the termination of the units, most of them were scheduled to end by 2017 as the Army looks to reduce its active-duty forces.

Fort Campbell spokesman Bob Jenkins told the news outlet that many of the returning soldiers will be assigned to other U.S. military installations upon their return. 

Officially known as the 4th Brigade Combat Team, the Band of Brothers has origins dating back to a World War II parachute team nicknamed "Currahee," which means "stand alone." The famed unit has been profiled in several pop culture mediums, such as the eponymously titled HBO miniseries.