Earlier this week, General Electric, Alcoa, Boeing and Lockheed Martin announced an initiative to help returning veterans find jobs, and a recent survey found that the servicemembers are certainly on board. The Voice of Veterans survey found that 76 percent of troops getting ready to transition to civilian life are confident in their ability to be successful in their private sector jobs.

The online poll questioned more than 1,000 veterans and active duty soldiers, and found many of them are taking the right steps to nail down a job once they leave the service. For instance, 79 percent of respondents said they want to take advantage of educational opportunities designed to help them find employment in the civilian world. Furthermore, 70 percent said the skills learned in the military could translate into a manufacturing job.

"What stands out in this data is that veterans are motivated to make a difference beyond their military careers," said Mike Haynie, founder and executive director of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families. "Given their contributions, we must pay attention to the unique challenges and opportunities they face as they navigate the transition to civilian life."

Young veterans are also looking to make a difference once they leave the service. Approximately 78 percent of respondents said they want to find a job that fills them with a sense of pride.