A number of programs have helped veterans land jobs after separating from service, but for injured soldiers who cannot leave their home, such advancements were of little assistance. However, thanks to new technology and an initiative championed by Pearl Interactive Network (PIN), wounded warriors are able to head back to the workforce, Stars and Stripes reports.

The growing trend has seen companies employing veterans as administrative assistants, which allows them to handle duties such as scheduling, managing paperwork and other human resources tasks, even if they live hundreds of miles away from the company. Merry Korn, who was behind one such project, says the hired veterans have been well-received by companies thus far.

"They expect to get people who will excel, people who are highly motivated and can deal with complicated interactions," she told the publication. "But companies want to hire these veterans. They know there are skilled and talented disabled veterans out there."

Allowing wounded soldiers to telecommute could prove to be another step in helping lower the rate of unemployment among post-9/11 veterans. Though the rate has been on the way down, the 9.7 percent figure is still higher than the general population.