Military families face a host of challenges, and sometimes they encounter substantial financial hurdles. However, while there is certainly a need for assistance on such matters, some members of the Armed Forces say there is not much available, according to Financial Advisor magazine.

Joseph Montanaro knows the financial challenges firsthand. A former member of the Army National Reserve, Montanaro went on to become a chartered financial analyst (CFA), and says that troops are often given little guidance on money matters, some of which could cost servicemembers hundreds of thousands of dollars. For instance, determining when it's best to separate from service is an important financial decision.

"When to leave the military can be a $300,000 to $400,000 decision between the pension and benefits the military member may be giving up by quitting before retirement," Montanaro told the publication.

Of course, there are other considerations to make as well. Everything from retirement benefits and healthcare to life insurance plays into financial planning for military families. Although troops could use some more financial guidance, there has been a growing effort to provide the necessary education, and Holly Petraeus has been leading the charge. Most recently, Petraeus traveled to Marine Corps Base Hawaii to answer troops' questions and concerns.