Wounded warriors often face a long road to recovery, but a unique therapy program in San Antonio, Texas, is helping make things a little easier. Automotivation, part of the larger Operation Comfort, gives injured vets the chance to work on classic cars as part of their recovery process, according to The Associated Press.

Operation Comfort focuses on physical and occupational therapy and provides wounded warriors with a wide variety of options. However, many of the options, like sled hockey or recumbent cycling, may not appeal to people who are not interested in sports. That's where Automotivation comes in.

"You tell them, 'Hey, we've got a '66 Cobra kit car' or 'we've got an '84 Ford Bronco that we've thrown an old weapons carrier body on,' that sparks an interest and makes them start thinking, 'I'd like to get out of bed and go see what's going on out there.'" Chris Leverkuhn, who was injured in Iraq, told the AP.

Many people have made finding unique ways to help wounded warriors recover a priority. Alternative methods such as service dogs, acupuncture, art and music programs and outdoor retreats have all become more popular, according to Stars and Stripes.