As National Military Appreciation Month comes to a close, it is good to take a look back at the past few weeks and how various organizations, government agencies, communities and others recognized service members and veterans. With major moves being made in the private and public sectors to support the military community, this was a strong year for National Military Appreciation Month. 

"Nationwide has hired 1,000 veterans since 2012."

Insurance giant steps up
Nationwide announced that it would honor veterans through the sponsorship of a NASCAR event in May, while the firm has been a major force in the veteran employment arena as well. According to a release from the insurance provider, it has hired 1,000 veterans since 2012 when it first launched an initiative to get involved in the onboarding of former service members. 

"We are proud of all of our Nationwiders and in particular the military veterans who have served our country," Nationwide Chief Administrative Officer Gale King explained. "We are honored to have them join Nationwide and help us make a difference for our members and communities."

The company celebrated its veteran employees as part of National Military Appreciation Month, and has committed to continuing on its path toward employing more retired service members in the coming years. 

"Part of what makes Nationwide a great company is that we value making an impact within our company and the communities we serve," Nationwide Vice President of Talent Acquisition Rocky Parker affirmed. "We are committed to bringing talent on board from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Our veteran associates offer a unique set of skills, knowledge and talents that make them a great fit at Nationwide."

Other enterprises and organizations have launched similar initiatives to boost employment rates among veterans, and Nationwide has had among the greatest success in doing so throughout the past four years. The public sector has also been engaged in recognizing and celebrating veterans this National Military Appreciation Month. 

Nationwide has put many veterans back to work. Nationwide has put many veterans back to work.

Enhancing financial knowledge
The Internal Revenue Service announced in May that it has released a new edition of its Armed Forces Tax Guide, which can be used to ensure that veterans understand what tax benefits are available and how best to take advantage of special programs. The agency listed some of the more common ones that veterans should be aware of, including the fact that combat pay is either fully or partially tax free, and unreimbursed moving expenses can be deducted. 

Financial literary can go a long way in helping the veteran community strengthen from the ground up. The federal government has been working to empower veterans with this type of knowledge, all the while supporting them through job and housing searches and providing guidance related to higher education. Veterans can take advantage of a wealth of programs to boost their quality of life today, and more are sure to come as the nation mobilizes behind the military community.