We are proud to announce our 70th anniversary!

We were created as a nonprofit organization in 1947 with the support of General of the Army, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Initially formed in the basement of the Pentagon to provide $10,000 of life insurance to active duty officers serving overseas, we are one of the oldest and largest associations of our kind. Over the years, we have changed our name a few times, moved offices, added new products to our portfolio, and expanded our membership eligibility to cover all military, DoD, federal employees, and first responders. We have also created our own insurance company, 5Star Life, to underwrite our member eligible products and to serve our country's civilian work force through the worksite market.

"From workplace to war zone, we stand behind our insured families…"

While we have grown considerably and come a long way since our founding, our core mission remains steadfast – serving those who serve this great nation. And we will never be too large to forget that we are here to serve with integrity by offering flexible, customized insurance solutions.

Because there are no limits to the sacrifices our members and policyholders may be called up on to make, we do not exclude any occupation, duty assignment, deployment, or hazard from our protection at any time. From workplace to war zone, we stand behind our insured families, ready to deliver on our promise to pay claims quickly and compassionately. We hope to pay a benefit to the families suffering loss in every claim instance and we lean forward to do just that. And unlike anyone else in our industry, we offer a no cost scholarship benefit to the survivors of those whose deaths occur as a result of combat, terrorism, or participation as a first responder in an emergency.

We have paid almost $2 billion in claims, served thousands of members, and helped countless families achieve financial security in time of need. Today, we are 430,000 members strong, financially sound, and strategically positioned to face the future and serve new generations of members.

Thank you to our members, employees, field representatives, board of directors, and senior leaders as we say Happy Birthday AFBA!