Behind each serviceman and servicewoman is a support network of friends and family who play an important role in military life. One part of that support network is the sons and daughters that some soldiers have. As the Army celebrated its 239th birthday, children in military families were a part of the observation. The Army announced on Saturday that it would be releasing a children's eBook entitled, "Happy Birthday U.S. Army!"

The bright and whimsical book was written by Mary Ellen Pratt and co-written by Donna M. McGrath, both employees of Army Child, Youth and School Services. The book was written to help children understand the important job that their parents have and to encourage the idea of the Army family. It also gives kids a brief history of the army that is easy for them to understand. It touches upon veterans that are living their life after service, explaining to kids who have grandparents or other veteran relatives what army life was like for them.

Child, Youth and School Services, a division of the U.S. Army Installation Management Command, developed the first version of the book in 2008, when the Secretary of the Army wanted to involve children in the Army's birthday, according to U.S. Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation. The creation of the eBook this year was a step toward making the book more available to families spread out across the globe. As military families live both across the United States and bases in other countries, the eBook allows the Army to reach out domestically and internationally.

The book is also a great tool for families to use as a guide. It provides suggested discussion points and could help parents talk to their kids about what it means to be in the Army. 

The eBook is free to download at the Army Family and Morale website.