Thousands of veterans leave the military for life after service every year. A major part of reintegration to civilian society is obtaining a civilian job. However, it can be difficult for former servicemembers to choose which career path they want to pursue. Take a look at some of the best job areas for veterans:

As the military become ever-increasingly technological, more and more military members are leaving service with a hefty set of cybersecurity skills. The training they receive during service can be applied to almost any civilian industry, and cybersecurity is currently one of the fastest growing fields. Veterans could apply for jobs such as Chief Information Security Officer, Forensics Investigator, Auditor and others with civilian businesses. 

Human Resources 
Former servicemembers searching for a career suited to post-military life should consider this career path. During service, military members get plenty of experience with conflict resolution, communications and other skills that make them strong candidates for human resources roles. Additionally, U.S. News and World Report stated that there are about 22,000 human resources jobs available. 

Training and Development 
If there is one thing that that former servicemembers understand, it is the importance of training. After boot camp and years of drills, veterans know that training molds people into the best versions of themselves. That is why these individuals are excellent in training and development roles. They will take pride in the organization of which they are a part and work hard to lead those around them. Former servicemembers are also good at taking direction and passing along the company message. 

First Responders
Calm under pressure, quick workers and seemingly indefatigable: these are all qualities that are expected in both military servicemembers and first responders. Perhaps that is why so many veterans make the transition into careers as firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians and police officers after service. There are typically plenty of first responder jobs available all across the country for interested veterans.

Finding a job in life after service is not only necessary, it is also a major part of the mental transition back into civilian life. However, finding a job that is well-suited to veterans can make the accomplishment all the more rewarding. By taking the time to speak with a military advisor and compiling a list of jobs that match a given set of skills, former servicemembers can find more meaningful careers in their post-service lives.