A group of Bakersfield, Calif. veterans honored nine military recruits this week with a special ceremony, local news outlet 23ABC reported. Seven of the recruits are entering the Army as active-duty members, while two are joining the Marine Corps. 

According to the news source, the event was organized by the Kern County Armed Forces Support Riders, a veterans organization that provides new military recruits with motorcycle escorts as they enter active duty. 

"We came out because it's our way to step up and say thank you for serving, telling their parents thank you," Kern County Armed Forces Support Riders founder Ben Patten told the news outlet. 

In addition to sending-off recruits, the Armed Forces Support Riders also participate in various events in Southern California, including the upcoming Harley-Davidson Veterans Appreciation Day and Wounded Heroes Fund events, the organization's official Facebook page states. 

The Bakersfield biker group is not the only motorcycle gang providing support and encouragement to servicemembers. Founded in 2006, The Legion Riders, a subset of the American Legion, have chapters throughout the country devoted to raising funds for wounded servicemembers, veterans and military families, according to the organization's website.