Much of the focus on helping servicemember find jobs after leaving the military has been placed on connecting them to potential employment opportunities. However, there's much more to the job search than that, as veterans also need to sell their skills, and Google recently held a workshop in Washington, D.C. to provide tips on how to do just that, Stars and Stripes reports. 

The recent event, known as "Help a Hero Get Hired," welcomed 20 veterans and offered them assistance on everything from resume building to how to appeal to civilian employers. Among those who were there to lend a hand was Harry Wingo, a former Navy SEAL and current employee for Google. He says vets looking for jobs should focus on quantifying their achievements. 

"Use numbers," Wing told the news source. "[Say] 'I improved things this percent' or 'these are how many personnel I worked with,' 'this is the dollar value of some of the equipment that I used.' That translates. Numbers are the language of business."

Programs such as "Help a Hero Get Hired" seem to have been working. May statistics from the Department of Labor revealed the unemployment rate among post-9/11 vets dropped to 7.3 percent.