Many experts believe that working with animals is a great way to help veterans and others who have been through traumatic and otherwise trying events cope with the issue. To that end, many services now exist to pair veterans with therapy animals like dogs and horses, and one such group recently received a very helpful donation.

A farm in rural Pennsylvania recently received a donated van and motorized scooter from a local family and American Legion post, which will help it to expand its services for veterans, according to a report from the Bucks County Courier Times. The farm, known as Shamrock Reins, provides horse-assisted activities and therapies for both veterans and their families. The Legion will also cover the costs of the van's maintenance going forward.

"This is huge," Janet Brennan, the founder and executive director of Shamrock Reins in Pipersville, Pennsylvania, told the newspaper. "This is really big for us. We want to make our services accessible to all veterans and their families. So, by us having a van, we'll actually go and pick them up."

Joseph Murphy, a retired Army veteran who served in Vietnam and member of the American Legion post, decided to get the donations as part of his dedicated work to helping veterans get the help they need, the report said. He also regularly attends job fairs in hopes of finding employment opportunities he can connect with veterans he knows. He also noted that the van and scooter that were donated actually came from the family of a World War II veteran who recently passed away himself.

These are just some of the many services available to veterans who are having a difficult time coping with civilian life once again. Those who are struggling can always reach out to help as long as they know where to turn.