Gov. Terry Branstad addressed the Iowa state legislature this week and outlined new ways in which the state can provide more military benefits to its veterans. According to CBS2 News, Branstad proposed a new plan that will help veterans get the training and education they need to secure gainful employment.

Called the Home Base Iowa Initiative, the measure will allow veterans to use their military service as educational credits. The governor added that he is also working toward eliminating all taxes on military pensions. 

"In Iowa, we honor our veterans – not only with words and ceremonies; but with action," Gov. Branstad said, as quoted by the news source. "To show our gratitude, let's make Iowa the leader in respect, support and opportunity for veterans."

Although the veterans initiative currently has bipartisan support, several legislative members told the news outlet that Iowa presently has many directives that aid veterans in the workforce. 

Iowa is home to more than 240,000 veterans, according data from the Department of Veteran Affairs. About 9,000 Iowa veterans are currently using education benefits from the G.I. Bill, while nearly 30,000 of the state's veterans receive disability or pension payments.