Many veterans may come home from service with very useful skills, but they may perhaps be lacking for a way to use them to make a living. Now, one group in Maine is trying to help veterans put those skills to some very good use.

The Farmer Veteran Coalition of Maine has recently been created to teach veterans how to use their skills from service in the world of agriculture, according to a report from the Bangor Daily News. This comes at a time when 55 farms in Maine are already run by vets, with 12 other people operating under the state's Homegrown By Heroes program.

The group will also award $5,000 in grants to several disabled veterans to help them get their farming operations off the ground, the report said. Another aspect of it will connect young vets with older farmers who may not be able to do as much physically intensive labor as they used to.

The more veterans can do to connect with groups such as these, and vice versa, the better off they're likely to be going forward. These organizations often have many options available to help veterans reacclimatize to civilian life in a number of ways.