Amid all the pageantry surrounding the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, there was one event that paid tribu​te to America’s military families. On the day before the ceremony, first lady Michelle Obama and second lady Dr. Jill Biden hosted a concert that was broadcast to thousands of military children around the country, American Forces Press Service reports.

The show, which featured performances from the likes of Usher and Katy Perry, was organized in honor of the national day of service. Aside from musicians, those in the audience, as well as those watching at home, were treated to appearances by everyone from David Letterman to “Dancing With the Stars” winner and former servicemember J.R. Martinez. Obama also spoke about the challenges facing the youngest members of military families. 

“Think about how hard it is for military kids to be apart from the people they love most – how they miss their moms and dads every day and would do anything to have them back home,” Obama said. “And that’s just a glimpse of what it means to be a military kid. It means always thinking about things that are so much bigger than yourself.”

Looking out for military families has become one of Obama and Biden’s chief concerns. The duo launched the Joining Forces initiative, which has helped servicemembers and their loved ones get jobs.