Servicemembers, veterans and military family members who are currently covered by TRICARE are exempt from an important provision of the Affordable Care Act, Opposing Views reported.

TRICARE holders are not eligible to remain on their parents' health insurance plans until their 26th birthday – a new policy that was enacted under the ACA in 2011. According to the news source, in an attempt to reduce spending, the Department of Defense has set a cut-off age for young people dependent on their parents' health insurance. The cut-off age is currently 21, while full-time students are eligible to stay on their parents' plans until age 23.

However, the young adult children of servicemembers and veterans do have other options. The TRICARE website states that "qualified adult children" who are unmarried and over 21 but younger than 26 can buy the TRICARE Young Adult plan, which guarantees minimal essential coverage under the ACA. Those interested in purchasing the Young Adult plan must also be ineligible for an employer-based health insurance plan, according to the website. 

While the TRICARE Young Adult is a viable option for many servicemembers, veterans and their families, several veterans expressed disappointment over the new health care plan to Fox News.

"It'd be nice if they leveled with everybody and let them know so that people could make plans, because this is going to hit all, I mean it's going to hit thousands of retirees over time," Air Force veteran Eddie Grooms told the news source.