Military Spouse Appreciation Day provides a way to show solidarity and support to veterans returning from life after service. The Huffington Post listed various organizations devoted to assisting the spouses of soldiers and veterans – in the process helping soldiers with life in the military and veterans adjusting to civilian life. 

Ways to help build solidarity within military families
With a warm and loving family, it's possible for people to have a long and happy life. These bonds are severely tested due to the nature of military life – frequent moves around the country, soldiers being sent to war overseas and spouses spending significant time alone while soldiers are training. Thankfully, there are many organizations that seek to alleviate the burden placed on military families.

The Huffington Post offers a comprehensive list of civic organizations that seek to assist military families. For example, the National Military Family Association is an organization that helps military families obtain military benefits.

The Veterans Administration is working tirelessly to ensure that service members who served in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are given equitable army benefits. However, this does not lessen the commitments of civil society to help impart the great resources veterans' families often need.

Ways citizens can help
Citizens can help philanthropic and civic organizations devoted to assisting veterans by donating money and volunteering. Organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House Foundation are merely a few organizations among many that are dedicated to helping soldiers, veterans and their spouses.  

Appreciation Day is on Friday, May 9. The day of veneration has the firm approval of the President of the U.S., issuing a Department of Defense letter officially denoting May 9 as Military Spouse Appreciation Day. The letter suggested that the Obama administration will try to help veterans obtain education and career opportunities – making the chances that a veteran will have a successful time in life after military. 

The president also conveyed the sentiments of many who fear that the opportunities for veterans after they leave the military are insufficient to provide a flourishing life. The letter spoke about the Joined Forces initiative pioneered by first lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, which seeks to bolster services for veterans and their families. Hopefully the many public and private institutions that are pushing for a greater focus on the families of veterans and soldiers produces tangible results that significantly help veterans.