Between frequent moves and the stress of having a loved one in harms way, military spouses face many challenges the civilian population does not encounter. This includes difficulty finding steady employment, largely due to the fact that employers are less likely to hire someone they know has to move within one or two years time. However, a recently launched handbag company, R. Riverter, has helped many military spouses find jobs when other places may have said no, Dayton Daily News reports.

R. Riverter was founded in 2011 by two military wives who understood the challenges facing those who have loved ones in the Armed Forces. In just two years, the brand has grown considerably and it offers military spouses the chance to work from home – wherever in the country that may be. Carly Davisson is among the 15 military spouses employed by the company and has flourished in her seven months on the job.

"It's been an amazing experience," Davisson told the newspaper. "It does not feel like work. It's like a hobby."

Unemployment among military spouses is considerably higher than that of the civilian population. This is due in large part to the fact that many of them have jobs which require licenses, but not all states allow spouses to transfer them from place to place.