Civilian life throws veterans back into the quotidian tasks of civilian life – concern over obtaining veterans benefits, getting a job and creating a warm and loving family. A New Jersey insurance company, Zufall Health, is seeking to ease this burden, by giving veterans the chance to obtain more affordable dental insurance. Veterans benefits are often harder to come by then most people expect, so the company's initiative could help give veterans the chance to obtain quality dental care.

Affordable dental clinic open to veterans
According to the Independent Press, Zufall Health is using its resources to bring a health van to a clinic at a Veterans center twice a month. This allows veterans a number of opportunities to obtain discount dental insurance per month, making the chances of festering cavities and other mouth-related problems easier to deal with. If caught early, these issues can be dealt with quickly, excellent news for returning soldiers concerned about what their veterans insurance covers.

"It was nearly 14 years ago that the Morris Freeholders joined with the Veterans Administration and Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen to open our clinic, which greatly improved convenience and health care options for veterans in Morris, Sussex, and Warren Counties,"  said Freeholder John Krickus, according to the news source. "This program is a perfect complement to the services already provided, and we're really proud to join with Zufall so that our veterans can take advantage of all it offers."

Veterans residing in New Jersey who are interested in the program should check out Zufall Health Center's website, which provides information on the company's goals and resources. The site also provides a calendar that clearly shows where the dental van is slated to arrive. The month of May will bring the van to Morristown and Hackettstown, viable New Jersey locations that a resident veteran should travel to if interested in having a check up done.

Zufall's CEO welcomes initiative
"This initiative gives us a great opportunity to better serve our region's veterans population," said Eva Turbiner, Zufall's chief executive officer, according to the Independent Press. "We are indeed grateful for the county's collaboration and the cooperation of the Veterans Administration without which this would not have been possible."

The coordination of the Veterans Administration might make the process of obtaining dental care more efficient, allowing veterans to discover information on Zufall's initiative through a worker at the Veterans Administration. The New Jersey Veterans Administration has various links to sources for dental care, that will be a helpful complement to Zufall's dental van.

"This really completes the portfolio for needed health care, not only for veterans enrolled in the VA Health System, but for veterans who for various reasons are unable to participate," said Charles Jurgensen, Morris County veteran's service officer, according to the source,  "Now, every veteran will have an opportunity for affordable dental care."

Hopefully Zufall's plan helps veterans obtain necessary dental care, further easing the adjustment back to civilian life.