Millions of veterans across the country became small business owners after they left the service, and a lot of them have success specifically because of the skills they learned while serving. To that end, national convenience store chain 7-Eleven has taken aim at helping would-be entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

For the second year in a row, 7-Eleven is holding its Operation: Take Command contest, in which one veteran in the U.S. will be given a fee-free franchise of the store that he or she can run on their own, according to a report from the Lockport Union-Sun and Journal. The value of such a prize can be as much as $190,000.

There will be several steps to the contest itself, with a winner announced in June, but sign-ups close in late February, the report said. Near the end, a group of 25 contestants will be asked to submit videos highlighting why they should win, and as many as seven will advance from that group. Lastly, three finalists will be interviewed by the company's franchise department before a winner is chosen.

These kinds of contests may help veterans achieve some of their personal dreams, and entrepreneurship in general can be very empowering for those who return from service.