Many veterans may rely heavily on regular medical checkups and other assistance, but often they do not have the means or capability to get themselves to all their appointments. Fortunately, a number of organizations have cropped up across the country in recent years to help with this issue, and one such group is operating with great success in Phoenix.

The Veterans Transportation Assistance Program is a collaboration between the MORE Foundation and Core Institute to help former servicemembers make any appointments they need with pickup and drop-off service, according to a report from Fox 10 Phoenix. Specifically, these organizations are paying for other transportation companies to come pick up the veterans who need help.

"What the MORE Foundation is doing is they're actually pre-paying and taking that benefit and making it so that anybody [can use it], they don't have to qualify for it," Dana McWilliams of Quality Transport Services, told the station. "[The service is for] anybody who doesn't have the means to get the transportation they need for their medical appointments."

This assistance is likely to go a very long way toward helping veterans get the help they need, in a timely manner. The more that can be done in this regard by other groups could similarly be extraordinarily helpful to veterans in need.