Many companies across the country make a point to hire veterans as part of their business model, because they know how beneficial it can be to both parties. However, there is one car service in New York City that takes it a step further: It hires veterans exclusively to be its drivers.

The relatively new firm, called Capstar, was actually started in London, but has since come across the Atlantic, and has a goal of hiring only veterans to drive its vehicles, according to a report from ABC 7 Chicago. These veterans often have driving experience – operating massive vehicles – that others simply do not, and the work they do in the service can help to inform their habits afterward as well.

"When you have an ex-soldier or sailor that turns up to to drive, you know that they will have done their route recon the night before, they'll be there 30 minutes early, their uniform will be impeccable, the car will be spotless, they'll be polite, discreet, reliable, all the things you want in that service," Capstar's Casey Martinez told the station.

Veterans who can obtain a good job after they leave the service often get a lot out of that work, usually more than civilians filling the same job might.