One thing that many veterans do after returning from service is decide to start their own small businesses. Now, there is a "startup incubator" in Florida that is going to help more do so in the near future.

The Veterans Virtual Accelerator from Venture Hive will provide free training to employees at small businesses owned by veterans or veterans' spouses, according to a report from the Military Times. Venture Hive will provide such training courses to as many as a dozen companies across the country. This is the second program for veteran entrepreneurs the company has launched.

"It's easily a $25,000 program, but I would say it's more like a $50,000 value because it's really a mini MBA specifically for startups," Venture Hive founder Susan Amat told the newspaper. "And we're not just training the CEO but the entire team to be able to run the business better."

Many small businesses are run very successfully by veterans these days, but the more help these former servicemembers can get, the better off they're likely to be. That can also be a huge help for their communities as well, because it provides them with more job creators.