The military, as well as governments, businesses and hospitals, all greatly depend on cybersecurity. Confidential information stored on computers or shared through the Internet to other networks must be protected from unauthorized outside parties, according to the University of Maryland University College. Unfortunately, cyberattacks have been on the rise, with an abundance of hackers trying to get unlawful access to destruct or alter information. Because of this, there is a demand for cyber protection and jobs in this industry. However finding the best and most qualified person for this position is not easy, Military Times stated. This comes as an opportunity for military veterans, who may very well be the solution.

For those interested in pursuing this career, veterans now have the opportunity to receive free training. Eligible veterans can partake in a training program, sponsored by Solutionary, an Omaha Internet security firm. To be admitted into SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academy, promising candidates that may be the right fit for a future successful career in cybersecurity will be screened, according to SANS Institute. Once the screening is complete, the candidate can fill out an application, followed by a SANS CyberTalent Enhanced Assessment, an exam online that tests different skills and the proficiency pertaining to information about security. Following this assessment, the Admissions Committee will interview the candidate.

Once accepted, this intensive program lasts for a total of six weeks. Solutionary is sponsoring this program to offer the best training in the proper and necessary skills for veterans to have a successful career in cybersecurity. Before committing to this program, veterans are asked to work for the company, Solutionary, for two years.