The act of listening is at the base of a heartfelt project created for veterans who need it most, The Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project.

The Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project aims to heal veterans through the power of communication. Veterans tell their stories and share their experiences through different listening sessions while nonveterans listen. This national project is centered around the notion that veterans deserve more than just a simple thank you for their services. It's imperative for others to listen to what they have to say.

This project gives veterans, who are overcoming struggles and inner conflict from serving in the military, the chance to express themselves through words.

"When they can share their experiences and they're not judged because of what they've done, and they're still respected and people are still compassionate that can be a big relief for them" Steven Stone, executive director of the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County stated to WDTN 2 News.

The listening sessions enable veterans to speak their minds and be heard without judgment. Whether they're struggling to deal with society post-war or just need someone to relate to what they're going through, they can receive the support they deserve and need. During the sessions, nonveterans volunteer and show their support by offering their full and undivided attention to see a veteran's perspective and understand first-hand experiences of war. This helps to knock down the gap between veterans and nonveterans. It also helps to clear up any misconceptions nonveterans may have regarding military life. 

The Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project creates impactful human interactions. The hope is for a stronger connection between the community of veterans and nonveterans.