Help Our Heroes – a small nonprofit based in Virginia that helps veterans transition from the military to their life after service in the civilian workforce – has gained a lot of attention recently for all it has done to help employ veterans around the country.

Joe Fairbanks, a Navy veteran and former executive at companies like IBM, first came into contact with Hire Our Heroes after the Pittsburgh Foundation pointed him their way. Fairbanks credits his military service with laying the foundation for his professional success.

"That's where I gained the attributes such as a work ethic, personal responsibility and teamwork," he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

To give back some of what he gained, Fairbanks recently made a $60,000 donation to Hire Our Heroes. That generous gift will go toward establishing a full-time executive position within the organization, which up until now has run on nothing but the support of dedicated volunteers. Fairbanks hopes his donation will open up opportunities for fellow veterans in the business world.

"Whatever success I had and the awards I've had in my career, I attribute to the Navy," said Fairbanks. "Veterans don't always know the value they bring, and employers don't always see the value of veterans."

While Fairbanks' generosity will make a big difference, he isn't the only one supporting Hire Our Heroes. 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division recently announced that, since 2013, it has donated more than $500,000 to more than 150 veterans and their families through the nonprofit's program. 

In 2016, Body Shop Business reported that 3M is introducing a Hire Our Heroes Calendar. With every $200 donation to their education foundation, about $1,800 worth of monthly deals on 3M products will become available. 

"The calendar is a tremendous salute to both the military members serving our country and the veterans who have served," said Dale Ross, 3M's U.S. marketing operations manager. "I think shops will be proud to have this on display, knowing that they have contributed to helping our veterans' transition to careers in the automotive industry."